This blog is about, if you haven’t already guessed it, sewing!

I am a Graphic Designer – wannabe Fashion Designer; ok well maybe ‘Fashion Designer’ isn’t quite the proper title… basically I love fashion, I love clothing and I love sewing.

Sewing is my way to show my creative side without saying a word – one problem… I am just learning.

So this is my journey.

This blog is suppose to keep me motivated to start and finish my sewing projects… My own personal journal on the start of a project, issues or problems I may have come across, sewing tips and techniques (as I discover them), photos each step of the way and of course the revealing of the finished product. The reason for keeping a journal for such a silly thing you ask? Well my ‘theory’ as you may call it is, if I blog about it then it motivates me to finish a project so I can finish a post – pushes me through the frustration of learning something new I guess I would say.

Anyways, I am already rambling way to much for something no one is going to read anyways; however if you happen to have accidentially stumbled across this blog and you are a fellow ‘Fashion Designer’ be sure to read some posts, share some comments and I will always be open to suggestions and your personal tips and tricks! And if you happen to have a site or blog yourself leave a link – I love checking out new things.



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