Halloween 2014

Taking a basic steampunk costume from value village for $39.99 and kicking it up a notch with embroidery from urbanthreads.com

This is what I started with:

Original Steampunk Costume from Value Village

Using some great steampunk embroidery designs from urbanthreads.com I embellished the top:

Top Embellished with Embroidery

Using my existing Kwik Sew pattern and scrap materials I had, I made some fingerless gloves.

On one glove I embroidered a beautiful pocket watch design from my new steampunk collection, while adding a more industrial look to the other glove using grommets:

Steampunk Fingerless Glove with Embroidery

Steampunk Fingerless Glove with Grommets

And last but not least my gear mask sewn with metallic thread and created with the help of an urbanthreads.com tutorial:

Lace Mask Embroidery in Process

Lace Mask Embroidery in Process

Steampunk Lace Mask Finished

Embellished with gears, chains and spin arrows from Michael’s scrap booking section:

Embellished Lace Mask

In the end it turned out to be a super fun costume to pull together in no time… Well in a few hours before Halloween anyways 😉

Finished Steampunk Costume

Finished Mask

Finished Steampunk Costume

Hope you had a fun and safe Halloween and happy sewing!

Links to embroidery files I purchased:


Clockwork Magic

Intrepid Journey


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