Beachy PEI Wedding…



Challenge: Dress for wedding in PEI, Simplicity 2281.

It took me a bit to talk myself into starting this project because of the fabric I chose. The last couple dresses I  made have been of a cotton or poly mix, which are much easier to work with, but this time I chose a silk fabric. I usually tend to curse a little more with this kind of fabric due to the stretch and slippery texture – such a nightmare to work with… however, it does make for a gorgeous dress.

It started as smoothly as I expected (sense the sarcasm), the first step was creating the sleeves which I did twice, first time putting a hole through the material (no idea how), and the second just really couldn’t get myself to accept the way the sleeve laid after it was sewn together:


You can see in the above picture that the sleeve is not laying flat or even.

Thankfully I had an idea when attempting the third round of the sleeve and recut the sleeve in the light purple silk and also cut it out of the contrasting fabric I chose for the midriff which was a darker linen material. This way the underneith part of the sleeve would be dark purple and the top would be the light purple silk. This gave the sleeve the weight it required to atually lay flat and it worked beautifully. 🙂


Here is a better image of the good sleeve showing the back and front at the same time.


My light purple fabric seems to have a fraying problem – definitely going to have to make sure i serge all raw edges.


Piecing together…


This material is proving to be as difficult to work with as expected, I ended up having to cut the material for the back a couple of times because the first time I must have pulled on the fabric and the pieces were completely out of shape. Once I took my time and recut each piece separately instead of having the material folded it turned out nicely.


Just when I thought everything was going nice and smooth (much intended sarcasm here), somehow while sewing the back and sides together I ended up doing this:


Yes I managed to twist one sleeve while sewing the pieces together, I think the worst part of that is I did the EXACT same thing on a dress a couple weeks prior… Seriously?!



This is a better shot of how the sleeve should look:


Once I fixed the sleeve I was able to move onto the skirt portion. My material was boarderline see-through so I figured it might be in my best interest to line the skirt even though it didn’t call for it.

Not knowing the best way to do this and running short on time I simply lined the skirt using the same type of method I did for the Touch of Lace dress when adding the lace layer. With wrong sides together base stitch the edges together, merging them together making a single piece.

I did this for both the front and back of skirt.

Time to tackle the first pocket… I haven’t had the pleasure of doing a pocket since one of my first sewing projects as most of my projects have been dresses and I was happy to see how nicely it was turing out.



…Only to find out that I managed to completely screw it up without realizing it until it was done… Leave it to me to sew a beautiful pocket only to figure out once it was done it was put in upside down 😦


Excuse me while I rip this all out 😥

When it comes to sewing, if it is possible I will probably end up doing it… at least once.

Pocket fixed, I would like to say that since I have done the pocket twice now, doing the other side might be easier… this will not be the case. The left pocket is not the same as the right because the zipper is there.

What you will want to do is sew the back of the left pocket directly to the front part of the pocket This way the zipper will fall behind the pocket and not interfer with it:


Once the zipper is in all that is left is finishing the tie and doing the hem.

Hem: This fabric would be tricky to do do a blind hem stitch so I have opted to do a rolled hem.

I cut my skirt to the length I wanted it to be when done and then keeping the raw edges of the lining matched up with the raw edges of the fabric and using the proper settings on my serger for a rolled hem I serged away:


I chose to use the dark purple thread for the rolled hem to tie in the dark purple fabric used for the mid section and the tie, I am very satisfied with the results.



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