Be mine… Valentine…


Nothing brings out the giddy girl within better than a pink glitter heart sweater, and no better time to do it than for Valentines Day!

I came across this sweater on Wobisobi and as soon as I saw it I knew my niece and I would have to make one… so a craft day was planned.

I went out and purchased all the supplies beforehand so that everything would be here and ready for us to get started. I found most of what I needed at Walmart:

Sweater – $12
Fabric glue – $10
Masking tape – $2
Glitter – $1.99 for all 3 colours

I found the glitter at Cambridge Surplus. Walmart had glitter but they wanted $7.49 for a package of 3 colours, I felt that was too much so I thought I would try my luck at the Surplus store. Sure enough they had the EXACT same colours and brand as Walmart for only $1.99! I was thrilled, what a bonus. 🙂


First off we cut off the ribbing on the sweater (collar, cuffs and band around the waist). I only did this on my niece’s sweater because the sweater was so large on her, on my own I cut off just the collar.



Now time to make the heart template!

We went online and found a heart we liked by googling heart images, once we found one we printed it out as large as we could make it on a letter size piece of paper.

Cut it out the heart and discard, you only need the piece that the heart is cut out from.


Tape your template in place:



To make the stripes even we started by first filling the heart with masking tape and then going back to remove the strips of tape that we wanted glittery.




Once that is done you can get ready to start the fun part, and by fun I mean messy, very messy!

Be sure to insert a scrap piece of cardboard inside your sweater so the glue doesn’t go through to the back.


I did the glue part while my niece did the glitter. The glue was a little difficult to work with, it was thick and didn’t spread that well so I used a cheap art brush which really helped, the glue was also quick drying so we had to work quickly.



We had 6 stripes to fill with glitter so we started at the top and worked our way down one stripe at a time. We did two stripes per colour until the whole heart was done.



We poured quite a lot of glitter on to ensure we would be well coated:) Plus I bought 4 packages of glitter so we had lots to work with.


Let dry for 30-60 minutes and then carefully shake off the extra glitter outside. Then proceed with a second coat.

Put glue overtop of the dried glitter and sprinkle more glitter on top!


Once you are done let dry for another 30-60 minutes and again carefully take it outside and shake off the extra. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful you are, glitter still seems to find its way through the entire house.

Once your sweater is dry and all the extra glitter is shaken off you can carefully start removing the tape and paper template to reveal your super sparkly heart. 🙂



After clean-up we let our sweaters dry for 48 hours before attempting to wash them. I washed my sweater alone on extreme gentle cycle and let it hang dry. I lost some glitter in the process but it still looks great. I don’t think you would be able to wear it without washing it first or you would definitely leave a trail of sparkles wherever you went. 😉

This was definitely a great small craft project that both my niece and I enjoyed. I love the sweater and it was easy enough the my niece could help. Highly recommend. I might have even discovered a new love for clothing that sparkles 😛 I am still trying to figure out what else I could do that involves glitter!

Have you done any glitter projects yourself? Please share. 🙂


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  1. Erin Warder says:

    You are too cute!! 🙂

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