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07 Mar

Well it is official!

Today the Spring 2012 issue of Life in Clarington came out and what will you find in freshly laid ink? That is right – me!

Ok so before you get as excited as I am, I am the designer for this magazine so it wasn’t so much of a big deal that the publisher asked me to contribute by writing a small piece. However, none the less I was thrilled. It is my first published piece as a ‘Fashion Designer’ and it will be displayed with pride in my sewing room:)

I of course have known about this small spotlight for a few weeks now and have been dying to share it with you!

You can check out the article online at the Life in Clarington website.

I am also reposting the writeup here:


Passion 4 Fashion

You likely know me as the Art Director of Life in Clarington Magazine. As much as I truly love being a part of the Life in Clarington family, Graphic Design is actually not my first love. My one true love has always, and will always be Fashion Design!

As a child I had the old-school fashion plates (yes I realize I just dated myself there) which I was absolutely obsessed with, and which eventually led to my carrying a sketch book everywhere I went, so I was always prepared whenever inspiration took hold! In my teens I used to make pants out of our bed sheets, which thrilled my mother when she came home from work to discover me wearing our “converted” linens.

But then college came and went and I became so busy with life and my career, that sewing became a thing of the past. Years went by without much thought to my much loved passion until about a year ago when I decided I was going to try and bring sewing back into my life.

I created a little nook in my house for my own little sewing den, and a year later sewing is a huge part of my life again! In the spring I will be starting a 2 year ‘Dressmaking and Design’ college program, not for career purposes but to grow and expand my passion.

So it was with thrill and excitement that I accepted Susan’s offer to share a little bit of my passion with you; in this issue of Life in Clarington!

My very first published fashion piece – of which I can say with pride that I am sure my parents will hang on their fridge!

Michelle Koehler, Life in Clarington Art Director

The Ultimate Recycled Purse?

Make a cute, chic purse in an afternoon using an old pair of jeans! 

Step One:
Grab a pair of jeans. If there are any large rips or tears above the crotch patch them.

Step Two:

Cut the legs off at the crotch.

Step Three:

With right sides together sew across the bottom.

Step Four:
Create straps out of the leg material. Any size you want.

Step Five:
Create a lining with scrap material or skip this step and sew on your strap!


For more detailed instructions on this project or other sewing fun you can turn to my sewing blog at:

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