A Quick Cover up …

15 Jan

I thought I would throw you all for a loop and write two posts in one weekend… I know look at me go 😉

Today’s project is going to be super quick – I would say in total it probably took me no more then 15 minutes to complete!

While cleaning up I realized how grungy my ironing board cover was getting so this is my attempt at creating a new one.

Let me start by saying I really had no idea what I was doing!

I quickly measured my board before I ran out to grab fabric, the length was about 55” and the widest part was about 16”. I would also need to add about 1” all the way around for the cover to tuck underneath. I guessed that a meter would cover it… This would have been correct had I paid attention to the width of the fabric – yes this is the second time failing to do so… I will learn!!! I needed fabric that had a width of 60” to cover my length but the fabric I grabbed was only a width of 45”. However, I was able to make this work by cutting off some of the width and sewing it onto the length. This did create a seam in my cover but thanks to the square pattern you can’t even notice it.

What you need:

  • Enough fabric to cover your board – check the fabric width!
  • Elastic
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Here is my original cover – you can’t really see in the photo how grungy it is getting but it is marked up from the iron and has water mark stains from my iron falling over a few times thanks to the dogs. This ironing board is also about 6 years old now too.

Here is what the chosen fabric looks like, really fun looking eh!

I obviously didn’t have a pattern for my own ironing board; not even sure to be honest if they sell patterns for ironing board covers but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, I have just never looked. I knew though that I could use my original cover as my template and go from there.

Laying the new fabric on the floor I laid the original cover on top of it and tried to get it as smooth/flat as possible so I could cut around it.

I then cut around the original cover, cutting about an inch or so larger so that the edges would tuck under the board.

You can see from the photo above I wasn’t too concerned about being accurate…

  1. it is only an ironing board cover and
  2.  these edges will not be seen.

Once you get your fabric cut it is time to grab your elastic! My original cover was not done with elastic but with a drawstring – I figured an elastic would be easier and way less work!

I bought 3 meters of elastic and I used almost all of it.

What I did was I lined the edge of the elastic up with the edge of the fabric and I sewed it all the way around the entire cover making sure to pull/stretch the elastic tight while sewing. What will happen then if you pull/stretch the elastic while sewing it will allow the cover to fit snug on the ironing board frame.

This is what your new cover will look like with the elastic sewn in place:

You will notice this cover will not lay flat like the original drawstring version but none-the-less it will work just the same.

Once you have done this you can stretch your new cover over your ironing board frame and you are done!

A great 15-minute fix to a grungy old aged ironing board cover! Plus this one is way more fun and colourful!

Now go get creative and dress up your old ironing board!

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