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14 Jan

Cause for

Second post of the year!

I would love to be doing so more but unfortunately having a career interferes with me trying to be a photographer/writer/seamstress – by far too many hats to be wearing… but I have some very fun projects coming up to share so you can start getting excited!

Today we are going to look at sewing a vest.

NEWLOOK 6008 Pattern

NEWLOOK 6008 Pattern

Usually I don’t wear vests but this one caught my eye so I am taking it on!

First time using a NEWLOOK pattern so lets see what my review on NEWLOOK will be…

I am trying things a little different this time. After having to buy a pattern twice for ‘A dress fit for the awards’ I have decided I will cut all the pieces from now on out as the largest possible size and fold in to the size I need instead of cutting it. If I use the iron to flatten and hold the folded portion this may just work. This way if I make something that ends up being too small I can reuse the same pattern since I didn’t cut off the larger sizes.

There are a lot of pieces in this project plus we are lining it so I am excited to try this!

I bought what I originally thought was a really nice black heavy denim like material with a subtle ‘sparkle’ to it, but looking at it more and more I am starting to realize this is blue not black. Hopefully the black lining I bought to go with it will look ok.

Iron is warm so lets start folding in the required pieces.

Folding worked fairly well, much better on the straight folds obviously then the curved edges. But overall worked pretty good!

Pattern Pieces Folded

Pattern Pieces Folded

I cut each piece and marked them carefully, writing a ‘W’ indicating the wrong side because it was difficult to tell the right from wrong side with this fabric, and I also marked all the required markings. You will see here I also mark the pattern piece number because when I shift things around while working it makes it easy to find the needed pieces and the easier I can make things for myself the better 😉

Marked Fabric

Marked Fabric

A good 2 hours later everything is cut… I have one of everything cutout of the fabric and again of the lining and then piece 1 and 10 cut of interfacing. I am hoping all of that was the least fun part of this project.

Now to find the energy to actually start sewing!

Just after two steps it is already starting to look like a vest 😀

Vest Front Step 1 and 2

Vest Front Step 1 and 2

I have to be honest and share that I initially did step two wrong the first time as I didn’t pay attention to the colour of illustration and I put the pieces together wrong. After I removed that and read the instructions more carefully it looked a lot better. Maybe step 2’s are just not my thing considering I always seem to hit a bump there!

Next step pocket flaps.

I am not quite sure why I wasted my time doing all these marking on the fabric as I have only just covered them all up with interfacing and lining! Live and learn I guess…

And how great do these nice faux pockets look???

Front with Pockets

Front with Pockets

Yes I am proud of those 🙂 Now I have to do the same process as above minus the pocket flaps with the lining.

The lining is looking just as snazzy as the vest itself check it out:

Vest Front and Lining Front

Vest Front and Lining Front

Now sewing the lining to the vest! To my surprise it actually all lined up quite nicely. Job well done 😉

Here is one side of the vest lined and the other side with the lining pinned to the vest:

Vest Front and Straps Lined

Vest Front and Straps Lined

The front of the vest at this point is pretty much completed so now we can move onto the back. Here is the back sewn together:

Vest Back

Vest Back

Because I did something terribly wrong with my serger on my last project, all my serger needles are broken so I am not using it on this project, instead I am pressing the seams open like so:

Seams Pressed Open

Seams Pressed Open

This is actually working in my favour because it helps the fabric and lining match up nicer and lay flat.

And here we have a nicely lined back:

Vest Back Lined

Vest Back Lined

Once I had the back and front sewn together it was time to try it on to fit the straps. Unfortunately the armholes were way to large for me and the straps weren’t sitting in place well at all. So I called up Mom to see if I could come over and have her help me pin.

If I owned a body form this would not be an issue! And this is where I broke down and ordered a SINGER DF150 Adjustable Dress Form, in red from for $104.40. This is by far the best deal I could find,  most dress forms in stores around here are well over $300 and I think I have been doing enough sewing now I owe it to myself to get one! I can’t always be running to my moms so she can pin something I can reach due to wearing it!

Dress Form

Dress Form

Can’t wait to receive it!!!!

I had to take the lining and garment in 1.25” on both side seams for the armholes to fit properly and Mom also pinned the straps in place for me. I had to change the design a little as the straps where suppose to cross and tack onto the point on the back but it didn’t suit my shape so I modified it like so:

Vest Straps

Vest Straps

Getting down to the last few steps! Somehow along the way my peplum became shorter than what I needed it to be so I had to re-cut pieces 11 and 12. This wouldn’t have been such a huge deal if I had enough lining left over to do so. Lucky enough Mom once again came to the rescue on this project and had several different scraps of black lining to choose from so I picked the best option and saved myself the trip to fabricland.

After that was all done it was just a matter of adding some buttons and button holes and we were good to wear!

Final Vest

Final Vest

My final thoughts on NEWLOOK… LOVE ‘EM!

They are definitely simple to understand, easy to follow and the final product turned out great. They have made it to the top of my favourite list when choosing a pattern to buy!

And now off I go to find fabric and buttons for my scarf party…. Look for the post on that soon!!!


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4 responses to “Oh sew classy…

  1. Erin Warder

    January 16, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    Cute 🙂

  2. Chinelo

    August 23, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    I just ordered this! I can’t wait for it to arrive!

  3. Chinelo

    August 23, 2013 at 12:40 PM

    I just ordered the dress form! I can’t wait for it to arrive! Cute vest, by the way!

    • sewfortheloveofit

      August 24, 2013 at 6:56 PM

      Congrats on the dress form! I LOVE mine, so handy to have when you don’t have someone to help fit something, it has been more than worth the money!


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