Comfy Toes!

01 Jan

Today’s fun project is McCall’s M6449.

Pattern MaCall's M6449

Pattern MaCall's M6449

I can’t speak for all fabricland stores, but my fabricland takes samples of completed work and hangs both the finished piece with the pattern envelope from the ceiling so when wondering around the store you are surrounded by inspiration! That is how I came across this pattern.

Never would I have gone in looking to make slippers, but when I seen the finished product up close and personal I knew right then I had to try it!

Apparently I wasn’t the only one. When I went for the pattern there wasn’t a single one left, however since I was already headed to Lens Mill to try and find some back satin for ‘A dress fit for the awards’ I didn’t panic as I could look for the pattern there… sure enough they had it!

I am not the biggest McCall’s fan due to the fact I haven’t had luck with their patterns in the past so I was a little intimidated to start. I think it is due to the lack of illustrations in their instructions. Being a purely visual person I find it easier to follow instructions seeing pictures of how things work vs. reading about it and McCall’s is more verbal than visual.

I recently bought a new cutting board from Curry’s art store – which I highly RECOMMEND. They are about half the price for what they go for in fabric stores! I purchased the 24” x 36” board for $38.99 when I have seen it for well over $100 in fabric stores!!!

Anyways, back to my booties… so not many pattern pieces and the shapes of each piece were pretty basic so I thought I would try out my new cutting board, a rotary cutter and my not yet made pattern weights – soon to be made pretty when I take the time to do so… and yes that will also be blog worthy 🙂

Cutting Board and Pattern Weights

Cutting Board and Pattern Weights

Being a first time pattern weight user I ‘may’ have over killed the amount of weights I used in the above photo – I really wanted to make sure nothing shifted on me 🙂

Okay step one base stitch lining and outer fabric together. Simple enough. I used 1/4” seam as they said to, but I think for the base stitching I would do it a little closer to the edge so it isn’t seen if my finished seam isn’t oh sew perfect which well lets face it, mine isn’t always 100%.

So step one out of the way, moving onto step two and you guessed it… stuck once again.

I tell you this thing called ‘reading instructions’ is difficult! Where are the pictures???

All jokes aside it really did take me quite some time sitting there thinking. I tried googling the pattern to see if anyone else posted anything on it and found finished products but no step by step so I will do a step by step since my mind was finally able to piece it all together on its own.

Pieces shown are for boots F:

  1. With the wrong sides together take piece 4 and piece 6 and lay them on top of one another as shown below:

    Pattern Pieces 4 and 6

    Pattern Pieces 4 and 6

  1. Slowly start to wrap piece 4 along the curved edge of piece 6 as shown below, pinning as you go along
    Wrap Piece 4 Around Curve of Piece 6
    Pinning Piece 4 and 6

    Pinning Piece 4 and 6

  1. Once pinned stay stitch in place (using your normal stitch, stitch the pieces together).
    Finished Pinning

    Finished Pinning


  1. This is what your bootie should look like after piece 4 and 6 are sewn together!

    Piece 4 and 6 Sewn Together

    Piece 4 and 6 Sewn Together

I hope the above instructions and photos will help you if you are anything like me. Plus lets face it by the time we get to sit down and sew, we’ve already put in a days work, done all our little must do’s and have to’s and we are tired and want to do something we love without to much thinking… That’s how I feel anyways 🙂

Everything after step 2 was smooth sailing…

Once you do the above step you are going to use seam binding to finish the raw edges. Be sure to get the double fold extra wide binding or it won’t be thick enough to cover your seam!

Binding Raw Edges

Binding Raw Edges

Once that is done then you can sew the back on! What makes this pattern different from pretty much all other patterns is you are always sewing wrong sides together instead of right sides together so all your seams are on the right side of the garment, the seam binding is being used to cover all those raw edges.

Back Sewn On

Back Sewn On

Once you have the back sewn on as shown above you can then finish off the side and top with some more binding!

Top and Side Edges Binded

Top and Side Edges Binded

We are almost done! Next we just have to put on the bottom of the slipper. For this you will need two special items:

  • Quilt batting for a little extra cushion in your step (optional depending on your choice of fabric) and
  • Non-slip fabric

The non slip stuff comes pre-cut and packaged so you will most likely find that where you would find the other notions in your local fabric stores. The first time I bought this it was sold by the meter but my fabricland has discontinued carrying it that way – may not be the same for other fabric stores so be sure to ask if you can’t find it.

It does get a little tricky sewing the sole into place but that is only because you have so many layers at this point and also there isn’t a whole lot of room to maneuver the pieces in this step.

I found using the Brother Walking Foot helped quite a bit.

Walking Foot

Walking Foot

I have to admit the final product turned out pretty good and the project seemed to go with little to no troubles. Overall I would say you could easily finish this project in less then 2 hours.

I ended up giving these slippers to my mom; even though I made the largest available size apparently they weren’t big enough to fit my monster-sized feet? Who knew size 9 was oversized!

Slippers for Mom

Slippers for Mom

The slippers fit her perfectly and strangely enough perfectly matched what she happened to be wearing that day. Almost as if she knew 😉

After successfully completing slippers for mom I decided I would make a pair for my niece and sister! I used a faux fur fabric (be prepared to clean up some fuzzies) for my niece’s slippers, which turned out super cute:

Faux Fur Slippers

Faux Fur Slippers

And for my sister’s slippers I found this awesome leather fabric – best part about this fabric was it had a soft wool kind of batting on the wrong side so it required NO LINING and not only that but I didn’t bind the raw edges either because it looked really good with the puffy wooly stuff showing! Having no lining to sew, and no binding to sew, took off almost half the time! Now try telling me these don’t look super comfy and warm:

Leather Slippers

Leather Slippers

There is no better time then winter to sew a great pair of slippers for you! So go have fun and enjoy there are lots of fabric options at this time of year and let me know how it went!


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2 responses to “Comfy Toes!

  1. seamsfitting

    January 2, 2012 at 9:39 AM

    they look awesome! Have to find this pattern.

    • sewfortheloveofit

      January 2, 2012 at 1:44 PM

      I have been told kwik see has one like these too but their seams are on the inside. Might be one to look at as well!


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