The Perfect Messenger Bag

18 Sep

I have been in need of a new purse for quite some time now and am finally sitting down in attempt to make one!

The pattern I am using is Quick Sew 3133 bag option ‘C’.

Purse Pattern and Fabric

Purse Pattern and Fabric

This pattern calls for 2 fabrics; for the lining I picked a beige colour that I pulled from my main fabric and the purple brown and beige fabric is the main exterior fabric.

Pattern pieces = 5.

However, most pieces need to be cut out of my main fabric and my lining; then others need to be cut from my main fabric, lining and interfacing so there is a fair amount of cutting. I am breaking up my floor crawling with some time on the laptop writing about it 😉

Because I have to use the same pattern piece multiple times and my chalk doesn’t seem to show up very well on my fabric I have pinned torn pieces of paper to my material marking the top edge, bottom edge and panel seam. Now I can remove the pattern piece and reuse it to cut the next part.

Torn Paper Markings

Torn Paper Markings

Everything is now cut and marked so lets get started!

I decided to interface all the exterior pieces as the fabric I choose was pretty thin and I wanted to make sure that it would hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use.

I found step 6 a little difficult; this part you need to pin the side panel to the front but trying to pin the raw edges together around curved edges was more challenging then it looked. I found using a couple extra pins allowed me to mold the fabric around the curves a little easier. I only pricked my fingers about a million times during this process – of course no exaggeration at all here!

Side Panel Attaching to Front

Side Panel Attaching to Front

This is coming along so beautifully! I am so excited to see the finished product!

This is the lining in place and not yet sewn – I wanted to show it to showcase my cell phone pocket in progress 😉 Yes I am proud.

Lining in Place

Lining in Place

This is what it is starting to look like from the exterior side

Exterior of Purse in Progress

Exterior of Purse in Progress

I am a little shocked at how quickly and smoothly this project is moving along. I took a little extra time on step 8 as I struggled a little to get my raw edges of my panel to match up with the raw edges of the back. Putting the interfacing on all the main fabric definitely made the fabric a little more difficult to work with, but I do love how crisp it looks!

Here is the back lining pinned in place – this is the back and flap of the purse…

Lining of Back Pinned

Lining of Back Pinned

The above photo almost looks like a cake – no? Ok maybe I am a little on the tired side tonight; or I want cake 😉

The feeling of excitement is strongly increasing as I close in on the last couple of steps!

For extra sewing practice and because I had the fabric and just could not NOT do this; I made a matching makeup bag to go with my brand new messenger bag/purse.

This was my second attempt at the makeup case so I didn’t blog about it today; however, if you would like to read about attempt number one click here for sew pretty on the go!

Here is the final product(s) I absolutely love it.

Finished Messenger Bag / Purse

Finished Messenger Bag / Purse


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2 responses to “The Perfect Messenger Bag

  1. Sue

    September 19, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    Ok seriously girl…. you are amazing!!!


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