Personalized Laptop Case

11 Sep

Well summer is now headed towards an end. Kids are back in school, which makes my morning drive to work a little slower due to traffic. The air has quickly turned cool and I am ready for fuzzy warm clothing and evenings curled up inside.

I haven’t had a chance to sew much lately; my last couple posts have been delayed and were projects that had been completed almost a month ago now. So this project is going to be a simple one to get me back into it.

Project: Personalized laptop case.

I don’t usually carry my laptop around much but I had some fun monkey fleece laying around and figured it would be perfect for a laptop case and a fun chilly evening in project.

I am going to start by measuring my laptop to figure out what size I need to cut my fabric.

My Laptop

My Laptop

My measurements were:
10″ L by 14″ W – this will be the main panels to cover the top and bottom (you would need to cut 2 of these).

The flap measured to be:
10″ L by 1″ H – only cut 1.

I added 0.5” on all sides for extra space and so I would have at least a 1/4” seam allowance and I had to add the flap overlap so I added 4” for that.

In the end my final fabric should be cut to:
11” by 14”  – Panels (cut 2)
11” by 5” – Flap (cut 1)

Lets mark and cut!

Fabric with chalk lines

Fabric with chalk lines

Fabric is cut and I have my 3 pieces. But I am thinking that this is way to thin to be used as any kind of protector to my laptop so I have decided to cut the exact same 3 pieces out of a thick black fleece I have and I will use that as a lining!

Exterior Shell Fabric

Exterior Shell Fabric

After cutting the black fleece and placing it with my exterior fabric I still felt that for a case there wasn’t enough bulk. The flap will be fine but for the top and bottom panels there definitely needs to be more bulk.

To get this I am going to cut 2 pieces of Peltex® 72F double-sided fusible ultra firm interfacing. That is quite the mouthful!

While I do that I am going to set up my exterior flap to embroider my designer label on it (Designer Label post coming soon)!

Embroider Flap

Embroider Flap

Well I wanted bulk and I definitely got it! I think I should switch my needle to something that can handle crazy thick layers, like a denim needle.

All layers cut; logo embroidered on exterior flap so now what?

I think my next step is going to be the Velcro® closing as this will be easier to sew on through one layer vs three.

I am going to think my process out loud for a moment to make sure it makes sense…

Velcro® obviously has 2 sides, a rough side and a fuzzy side (my terms). I need one side to be on the exterior front panel and the other to be on the inside of the flap. I need to make sure I get both sides in the exact same location so they match up nicely and evenly when pressed together.

So I figure if the length of my case is 11” I will make my Velcro® 4” smaller; seems like a random number but that will give me 2” on each side. I am also going to place it 2” from the edge (which would be the 2” from the bottom of the flap and 2” from the top of the panel).

I have cut my Velcro® to be 7” long. Now I am going to mark where on the inside flap I want it and sew it in place.

Velcro® is sewn on the inside of the flap; I knew this would be tugged and yanked on so I used stitch number 4 on my brother HE 240 which is a triple stitch. This should hold nicely 🙂

Velcro® Sewn on

Velcro® Sewn on

Next step, sew my interior flap and my exterior flap right sides together on the top, left and right sides leaving the bottom open as this will attach to the back panel.



The flap is sewn and I want to cover the one raw edge left by merging it between my exterior and interior shells of my back panel. In order for the flap to fall the proper way I layered the fabric in this order:

First: exterior shell face up
Second: Flap exterior face down
Third: interior shell face down
Fourth: interfacing

Flap Attached

Flap Attached

I borrowed Mom’s Brother Walking Foot to help ease sewing through so many layers and it seemed to work really well.

I have now merged the entire back panel using the iron to stick the exterior and interior shell to the fusible interfacing. I can tell already that my Velcro® is going to be higher than I want but at this point it is too late to move it so I will make a note that I would want that moved down next time.

To finalize the two panels as separate pieces all I have to do is sew the second piece of Velcro® to the exterior shell of the front panel.

And now the two panels are now ready to go!

Finished Panels

Finished Panels

I am interested to see if

1) I can sew through all these layers, and

2) if I will be able to turn it right side out once sewn as it is so thick!

Well I did it! I created my own laptop case from scratch! I was able to sew threw all the layers – pretty sure if I didn’t borrow mom’s walking foot it wouldn’t have been so successful.

I couldn’t get it to go through my serger instead it managed to break every thread in it; but I could sew it together with the Brother and with a little force was able to flip it right side out… and now it is complete 🙂

Finished Laptop Case

Finished Laptop Case


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4 responses to “Personalized Laptop Case

  1. Sue

    September 11, 2011 at 8:01 PM

    Michelle, this is awesome, you go girl!!

    • sewfortheloveofit

      September 11, 2011 at 8:08 PM

      Thanks Sue! Means so much you check my links out 🙂

  2. Matt Callaghan

    September 12, 2011 at 1:54 AM

    Sweet! And to think that some people would spend upwards of $100 for a case eh?

    This definitely adds some personality — well done!

    • sewfortheloveofit

      September 12, 2011 at 6:03 AM

      Personality for sure. Now if only I can start selling them for that price eh 😉

      Either way it was a fun project!


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