Country Girl

05 Sep

I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it and couldn’t wait to start!

The title of this blog actually came from the fabric as I am more a city girl than country but once you see it I think you’ll agree it has a country look and feel to it.

Pattern: Kwik Sew #3795

I found this super cute flowered material in natural colours and thought it would be perfect for this oversized tunic like shirt and its extra large pockets!

Pattern and Fabric

Pattern and Fabric

It has 4 pattern pieces – 1 of which you have to pin and cut twice.

I had some trouble cutting the bindings with scissors as the thin strips made it difficult to keep the pattern and material lined up. So instead I pulled out the ruler, cutting board and rotary cutter and it made my life a whole lot easier.

Cutting Binding

Cutting Binding

First step is sewing shoulder seams together – simple enough. And then second step neckbinding… and I am stuck! Step 2 really?!?

This is what happened… I sewed the binding and pressed wrong sides and raw edges together – perfect. Pinned the binding to the neckband and what do I find? The binding is smaller than the neckline!

The only logical thing I can think to do since I can’t add fabric to my binding, is make the neckline smaller by sewing the shoulder seams tighter…

So I measured the overlap of the neckline; it was 1″ larger than the neckbinding so I figured if I re-sewed the shoulder seams 1/2″ on both sides that would make it an inch shorter and should then match the neckbinding, right?

Did that and repined the neckbinding to the neckband… BINDING STILL TOO SMALL?!?

So again I measured the overlap it was just under 1/2″. I again re-sewed the seams this time 1/4″ on both sides and VOILA they match:)

I figure this will now change the armholes vs armhole binding now too…



After doing the side seam it was time for the armholes and as suspected the armhole binding was too big.

Here we go again…

After the same process as the neckline/neckline binding  the armhole and armhole binding finally all match and are sewn together. Which now brings us to the pockets.

Neck and Arm Binding Complete

Neck and Arm Binding Complete

The pockets were fairly straight forward, I did however have a little trouble with part of step 5 which involved the casting though they seemed to turn out ok. The tops of my pockets are extremely messy and you can tell I was confused by the instructions just by looking at them but fortunately because of the drawstrings my mistakes are far less noticeable.

In the end the pockets were the most challenging part of the whole project but they introduced some elements I have yet to do like button holes – and I must admit I made some pretty nice looking ones, see:



So another fun one day project from kwik sew completed. I think I would like to try this project again now that I have basically done a ‘test’ version. Version 2 would involve making some minor adjustments such as; tighten up the armholes – they are far too big and look a little on the funny side for my shape, I would lower the button holes on the pocket so that I can do a much better job on the casting resulting in a cleaner end result and I would choose a better drawstring option.

Here is the end result with my first attempt. I will update this post with new final product shot when I get a chance to try it again:)

Shirt Completed

Shirt Completed


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2 responses to “Country Girl

  1. Sue

    September 7, 2011 at 5:06 PM

    Just when I think you have amazed me to the fullest extent possible, you amaze me further! You are so talented, Michelle. You go girl! ❤

    • sewfortheloveofit

      September 8, 2011 at 10:20 PM

      Sue you have no idea what that men’s to me. Thank you<3


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