Sew Pretty On The Go

23 Jul

Create a simple makeup case that goes anywhere you do!

So I came across this simple makeup case on a website called sew mama sew and thought I would try it out. Surprisingly it only took me about an hour and it actually turned out great!

It was pretty self explanatory – though I must admit there were a few places I got stuck and guessed at what I was doing. Thankfully I guessed right :).

All I needed was 4 pieces of fabric cut to 11” x 6” and 2 pieces of interfacing cut the same size.

Cutting My Fabric

Cutting My Fabric

In this tutorial they used one fabric for the lining and one for the outer shell and the end result looked amazing! In my version I used the same fabric for the lining and the outer shell because I found a really cute vintage looking fabric at Len’s Mill for only $4.39 a meter which gave me more than enough to work with for both. Other than that all that was needed was thread and a 9″ zipper – I had a 7″ zipper on hand so that’s what I used and it worked well.

After cutting 4 – 11” x 6” pieces of fabric I ironed on my interfacing to both outer shells then followed the instructions for sewing the zipper in place. I have to admit that this was my first zipper that went on perfectly the first try – you can be proud of me I am ;).

Interfacing and Zipper

Interfacing and Zipper

So interfacing ironed on, check. Zipper in place, check. So far so good! Now time to create the shape of the makeup bag for this step I pulled out my handy tailors chalk. Following the instructions I drew the shape on one side of the outer shell and one side of the lining.

Draw the shape of your bag

Draw the shape of your bag

Now sew along your chalk line and remember to leave an opening at the bottom of the lining so you can turn it all right side out :). Trim the extra AFTER sewing.

Sew Along Chalk Line and Trim Extra Fabric

Sew Along Chalk Line and Trim Extra Fabric

So there you have it! flip it all right side out, iron and sew the bottom of the lining closed and now fill your newly made makeup case with your makeup must haves!

Finished Makeup Case

Finished Makeup Case

I definitely give this quick and fun project 2 thumbs up so jump on over to sew mama sew and print the instructions to get started on your own personal makeup case!


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