Be inspired by your sewing room!

12 Jul

I figured this would be the perfect place to start. I apologize in advance as these photos are not the best and I didn’t take before and after pictures of everything as I wasn’t really thinking about sharing them at the time.

I guess the perfect place to start is with the ‘before’ shot. Mind you this was more of a beginning of the progress shot but it is the first shot I have.

The start of my sewing space:

Before Shot

This is what the room looked like before I really got into it. Nothing too fancy, just a small space that I wasn’t using with a 3ft x 5ft dining table and my 2 machines plopped on top of it.

I flipped through some images online and the Ikea website mainly trying to get an idea of how to make better use of this space. I needed storage for sewing items and a place to keep stuff hidden in order to avoid it looking like the photo above. At the time, as you can see my ‘storage’ was hanging shopping bags off the back of the chairs.

So after a couple hours of watching my favourite shows trying to get an idea of what I could do with such a small space (room is about 10ft by 6ft) and how to best squeeze everything I needed into that space this was the mood board I came up with:

Sewing Room Mood Board

Sewing Room Mood Board

I wanted to try to keep the cost as low as possible as I always get a kick out of trying to do things ‘on the cheap’ where I can. So I figured I only needed a few basics and it would make a world of difference.

The list I came up with is as follows:

  • Glass top to cover the current existing table as it is made of uneven slate stones
  • Some sort of wall storage for my iron and ironing board
  • Shelves to hold storage boxes
  • Ceiling to floor curtains to separate that space from the living space
  • A storage shelf to hold more stuff items such as fabric

Thanks to my dad for coming over one afternoon while I was away at work to put up some shelves I had made.

These shelves were made from some old wood I had found in my basement left over from the previous owner. Dad had helped me cut them to size, I painted them white and he so awesomely hung them up for me!

Storage Shelfs

Storage Shelves

Shelves + Storage boxes = AWESOMENESS!

I also took the original chairs from the table and in attempt add a splash of colour to the otherwise brown look I had some leftover fabric from a shirt I made and recovered the existing cushions with a pink/purple striped stretch fabric. All it took was unscrewing the seat from the chair frame, some staples, a staple gun and voila very pretty new chairs!

Shirt and chair covers

Leftover shirt fabric used to recover chairs!

I also found this great dresser at Value Village for $14.99 with tons of storage space but the look was a little extremely vintage 70’s…

Value VIllage Dresser

Value VIllage Dresser

But with seven drawers and that price, I couldn’t resist. So once again a put a call into Dad and lucky for me my family from Lancaster PA was here for a visit so I grabbed Lee for an extra set of hands:)

So Dad, Lee and I loaded this soon to be beauty into my car and unloaded it in my garage. Ok well more like they did and I supervised, but that counts right?

After lots of sanding, removing of hardware, painting the body a light purple and the top a fresh crisp white and spray painting the hardware silver this dresser was a perfect addition to my sewing space!

Sewing Room After

Sewing Room After Shot

So in the end this is what my sewing space currently looks like. I decided against the curtains as a room separator due to cost and once I got the room together it actually didn’t need them. I replaced the old black candle holders that were hanging from the ceiling with this bright paper light fixture from Ikea and here we have it!

I don’t find the pictures really do this space much justice but I am in love with it! I now have everything in its own space which makes cleanup a breeze and finding stuff even easier!

I am extremely happy with how this space turned out and love sewing in it!


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